Trending Home Décor Styles – 2018 0

Many of us have encountered the trending Boho Home Décor styles on the internet, magazines, newspaper etc, however when it comes to decorating our own house we fall in short of ideas and aren’t sure where to start from! A great starting point for changing the entire look and feel of your house is to first understand what you like, your style and the kind of vibe you’re trying to create. You could start off with your favourite colour that makes you happy followed by adding various elements like dreamcatcher, paintings, lighting, colourful fabric, textures etc. Once you’re self-assured about the colour, theme and vibe, you’re half way through creating a beautiful space designed by you. Here are some creative room styling boho ideas you can adapt to enhance your space.

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8 handmade beauties that have gained utmost popularity in 2017 0

Yes! We all adore Indian Handicraft. According to a new study in Journal of Marketing, machine made products are of superior quality and relatively cheaper than their handmade counterparts. However consumers value Indian Handicraft because machine made products miss the key ingredient of ‘Love’. Several other factors that drive the demand for handmade goods are uniqueness and personalized touch. Consumers believe that the products they’re investing money on have a sense of authenticity as they are made by real person. Until few years ago people were forced to buy products that were available at stores in their area. Now, the internet has immensely contributed to connect buyers directly to artisan’s who make Indian Handicraft and have a story to tell. From beautifully handcrafted dream catchers to quilled jewelry and painted artefacts to organic soap and bath products – the handmade culture and created a cult online. Let’s have a look at some handmade Indian Handicraft beauties that gained some serious popularity online in 2017 and shall continue to do so in the next year.

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The Secret About Jewellery Only Few People Know. 0


Besides providing beauty and elegance to the women, it represents social status and immense power, it has many health benefits too. You can call it culture or fashion, but there are many reasons why jewelry is worn by women since ancient time. Here are some amazing facts about your jewelry! You may be amazed Here are some scientific health benefits which Jewellery holds:

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